Our Mission:  Protect.  Encourage.  Inspire.  Profit.

To help small business owners and start ups grow their profits faster with less risk by applying strategic methods and guiding the application of those methods to effective marketing and sales tactics, strategic alliances, investment strategies, and more.


In addition to one-on-one consulting, we host small business training events with local experts in the Portland Metro area (Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA).  Watch the video on this page entitled 'Inspirational Entrepreneurship Training' and listen to the testimonials from clients.  Also, check out the Video page for more training videos, testimonials, and proven services/products to help business owners.


Consulting Skills & Resources Overview

I lead a team of independent consultants that start ups and small business owners use to grow their business, whether it is assembling the perfect think tank team for a brain storming / problem solving session, hosting an educational event, a one-on-one consulting relationship to help you make more strategic decisions (like choosing the right marketing vendors), sales copy writing, business plan research & writing, giving you access to our large network, or just-in-time advice on the fly.

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Who We Serve and How We Help

We work with start ups and seasoned business owners looking for low-risk methods to grow their client base or product sales. Our specialties are business plan research, writing, investor recruiting, ad copy writing, ad campaigns online and in print, vendor selection for marketing channels, attracting business through in person events, sales training, and general testing of growth strategies.

As generalists and specialists in strategic business coaching, we can help you grow your profits faster and with less risk by executing strategic business promotional campaigns. You can build powerful relationships with your ideal clients, helping you to sell more, shorten your sales cycle, and obtain a steady stream of referrals.

The average marketing mistake costs a small business owner not just money, but, lost time. When you work with a business strategist, or a think tank team, you avoid making expensive mistakes and learn to optimize every step of designing, testing, and launching your system to generate sales. Let's talk soon, before it's too late.

If you are just getting started or are a seasoned business owner, call us to learn how we can help you grow your revenues faster and with less risk.

After your initial free session, you'll know specific ways to improve your online and offline strategies, including: website optimization, printed promotional materials and advertisement optimization, advanced copy writing techniques for sales letters and web copy, and you'll learn the #1 most effective and least expensive method for anyone to attract more clients.


Some of Our Specialties

Think tank problem solving, strategic alliance formation, financial models that suffice for due diligence, legal research, contract negotiation with assistance of legal counsel, start up marketing, start up financing, sales process engineering, helping small business owners grow their revenues faster and with less risk than any other marketing strategy; consultative sales process strategy, helping you apply sales strategies that are most effective at attracting your ideal clients. We also offer advice and can arrange human resource outsourcing and similar 'back office' logistical solutions.

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